Useful Links and Resources

There is plenty of information available about the Munda Biddi.

We recommend joining the official Munda Biddi Trail Facebook page to stay up to date with news and events.

We also recommend joining the Munda Biddi Trail Facebook group , this is for those who have ridden, or are planning to ride the Trail. It's a very active group with photos, articles and questions being posted everyday. It is a great source of information and can be used to ask questions and find riding partners.

Commercial posts are removed from the above group, but there's a new Munda Biddi Business Directory page on Facebook, where the trail-related business community can post about their offerings for Munda Biddi cyclists, and riders can ask questions and post reviews

Another great resource is Follow My Ride. This website provides fantastic information such as a comprehensive review of each section and the history of the trail towns that you will travel through. Bill has been riding the Trail since its inception and is a wealth of knowledge.

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